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Ed Caldwell, founder: If those that teach are lamps unto the world, Ed Caldwell is a shining example. In the age of information Ed has trained thousands to reach their peak performance through dynamic communication and thinking skills seminars.


Mr. Caldwell graduated Summa Cum Laude from Columbia University, becoming a product of the same learning methods he shares in his seminars. He then directed his efforts to helping others achieve outstanding results in their personal and professional lives. He seeks excellence from himself which  has resulted in awards of Top Sales, Rookie Of The Year, and Top Producer wherever he applies his talents. Excellence breeds excellence. As General Manager of Spectrum Educational Services, he developed a team of sales persons that outperformed the country with four of the top ten sales persons on Ed's team.  Through his mastery of training and management he has inspired entire teams and individuals alike to become top producers themselves.


Mr Caldwell is particularly proud of his affiliation with the American Management Association as a consultant and trainer. Not only has he written programs, but he also teaches five programs. At the world famous Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Program, Mr Caldwell was Senior Consultant and Director of  Training.  It was during this period that he began to perfect the art and science of Dynamic Reading.  He has taught legions of sales persons, technical engineers, executive managers, assembly line workers, administrative staff, as well as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to be more efficient and effective. Companies like Ford, GM, Chrysler, American Management Association, Hewlett-Packard, NCR, IBM, and AT&T have entrusted him with the training of their key personnel.


As the founding partner and CEO of Productive Learning Systems, Inc., an Atlanta-based training consulting group, Ed continues to encourage others to excel and lead. It is not uncommon for attendees self evaluations to reflect 90 to 1000% increases in reading, memory, comprehension, listening skills, time and stress management, and others. Mr Caldwell's programs focus on measurable behavioral results. But what makes his sessions unique are custom designed programs that are exceptionally focused and delivered with infectious enthusiasm. He makes any subject distinctly memorable and personal. He fuels the lamp, provides the fire, and guides  the individual to ignite the spark within.


Excited by the emergence of web-technologies, Ed is expanding his reach through his new company, ProductivElearn.com, an online learning site devoted to enabling personal and professional development for working professionals.


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